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27. September 2019
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27. September 2019
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“ALAHLAM” Cake powder

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  • Cake powder
  • Content 40 g
  • Good quality

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Spices are the basis for the success of preparing most dishes especially meat dishes, birds and fish, whether grilled or otherwise. There are many different spices, as well as spices for spices, meat dishes, chicken and others.
Add to the food to many different secondary ingredients to give it a distinctive taste and taste, including what is known as spices or spices, which are essential in many foods and diets, and are obtained from different plants, either roots or legs or leaves or even fruit, and in some countries Used for other purposes such as religious rituals, cosmetics, and the preservation of some medically-used foods.

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Nutritional information

Nutritional information

Nutritional information100 g
Energy kcal  
Energy kJ  
Fat g  
Fat, including saturated fatty acids g  
Carbohydrates g  
Carbohydrates of which sugar g  
Protein g  
Salt g  
Sodium g
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